NDE-5503-AL Σταθ. θόλος 5MP HDR 3-10χιλ. αυτόμ. IP66

Commercial Type No.: NDE-5503-AL
Product No.: F.01U.364.644;F.01U.379.291;F.01U.379.283;F.01U.316.787

NDE-5503-AL Fixed dome 5MP HDR 3-10mm auto IP66
  • Easy to install with auto zoom/focus lens, wizard and pre-configured modes
  • Fully configurable H.265 multi-streaming
  • 5MP resolution with image quality up to 30 fps for highly detailed images
  • Built-in Essential Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
  • Extended Dynamic Range mode to see details in bright and dark areas simultaneously