NAI-90022-AAA HD IR Imager, 10-23mm AF, 850nm

Commercial Type No.: NAI-90022-AAA
Product No.: F.01U.273.236;F.01U.296.123

NAI-90022-AAA HD IR Imager, 10-23mm AF, 850nm
  • Active infrared 1080p30 HD camera specifically designed for 24-hour perimeter surveillance
  • Remotely adjustable high power infrared illumination for unmatched no-light performance up to 120 m (394 ft) detection
  • All-in-one integrated housing with auto zoom/focus SR lens for quick and easy installation
  • All-weather, vandal-proof design for reliable long-term performance
  • Embedded Intelligent Video Analysis firmware transforms camera into automated detector

Belongs to

DINION IP imager 9000 HD

High-performance integrated infrared IP camera.